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One 4 Leather Consulted On Auto Express Vegan Car Article

When Auto Express journalist Graham Hope wanted to write an article about how veganism and sustainability are shaping…

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What Is Genuine Leather? (And What Isn’t?)

You would think it was a simple question: What is genuine leather? But if you Google that query you will come up with a…

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Why Leather Is Ideal For Building A Circular Economy

One of the ways we can build a more sustainable future is to develop a ‘circular economy’. A circular economy is…

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Is Leather “More Than A By-Product Of The Meat Industry”?

Although the internet is often seen as a handy way to spread misinformation and ‘fake news’, it can also be a great…

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Waste Not Want Not: Leather Proves Its Sustainability Credentials Yet Again

If you are in any doubt of the sustainability credentials of leather, this story is for you. Douglas McMaster is a…

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Hyundai Solves The Mystery Of Why The Palisade Literally Stinks

It smells like dirty socks, spicy garlic, cabbage or just “really bad”. These were just some of the consumer complaints…

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Rollercoaster Year Ends With Return To Leather

Fluctuations in the price of leather are nothing new but the last year has been something else. As things start to…

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It’s Official: Leather Is In A Class Of Its Own

Strange but true: in the EU, ‘leather’ is not a legally protected term. That means manufacturers can produce what they…

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Regenerative Farming Idea Could Pull Carbon From The Air

A recent article, reported on the development of “microbe-mediated carbon sequestration” which would address two of the…

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