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Are Tesla’s Vegan Car Seats All They’re Cracked Up To Be?

There are many anecdotal reports online about Tesla owners complaining that their car seats and headrests are prone to…

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Prince Charles Advocates For Leather (Stella McCartney Does Not)

The Times reports that long-time green campaigner Charles, Prince of Wales, was impressed by new technology for tracing…

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Why Genuine Leather Is Just The Ticket For Transport

Leather Naturally reports that a Scottish leather company called Muirhead recently refurbished 234 rail carriages for…

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The Many Ironies Of Vegan car interiors

Many consumers are being sold EVs on the premise that they are a more environmentally friendly option because they…

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Volvo Goes Leather-Free… But Why?

Car maker Volvo created quite a storm online with its announcement that in future it will not offer any genuine leather…

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Stop The Confusion. Only Leather Is Leather.

Leather Naturally reports that Cotance is calling on the European Commission to regulate the use of the term leather.…

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Giorgio Armani’s Fiat 500 Makeover Uses Leather For Interior

According to GQ Magazine, fashion legend Giorgio Armani helped design a very special Fiat 500 as part of a charity…

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Time To Put The Record Straight: The Leather Industry Fights Back

Leather UK recently issued a ‘Global Leather Industry Position Statement on Leather Alternatives’. Supported by various…

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What Is Genuine Leather? (And What Isn’t?)

You would think it was a simple question: What is genuine leather? But if you Google that query you will come up with a…

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