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Rendering And Tanning: The Ultimate Sustainability Processes

Sustainable leather With a history going back hundreds if not thousands of years, the rendering industry is actually…

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Plastics And Toxins In Leather Alternatives

In an article that will come as no surprise to visitors to this site, HowCork has published a blog stating that “some…

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Leather Remains Popular Despite More Interior Options Being Offered

An article in Auto Express gives a handy overview of the different interior options major car manufacturers are…

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Leather’s Natural Flame Retardancy Makes It Ideal For Car Interiors

Among the many reasons to choose leather for car seats, perhaps safety is not the first one you think of. But thanks to…

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All You Need To Know About Leather’s Green Credentials

Our friends at Leather Naturally have an excellent series of short articles summarising key facts about leather and…

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Nothing Beats Genuine Leather: Just Ask A Trimmer

While there’s a wide choice of interior finish options for vehicle owners these days, genuine leather still remains the…

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Tips On Care And Handling Of Leather

Leather is an amazing material with a whole range of desirable properties. It is versatile and durable, flexible and…

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Giorgio Armani’s Fiat 500 Makeover Uses Leather For Interior

According to GQ Magazine, fashion legend Giorgio Armani helped design a very special Fiat 500 as part of a charity…

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For Leather, Traceability And Sustainability Go Hand In Hand

Our friends at Leather Naturally told us about an interesting video, part of a series called ‘Sustainable Talks with…

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