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The Consequence Of Displacing Automotive Leather

With the recent EU vote for anti-greenwashing laws by an overwhelming majority, which will ban the use of…

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Fact or Fiction: More water is used to make genuine automotive leather

Water is one of the world's most important elements and is crucial in the production of genuine automotive leather, and…

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Leather. The Ultimate Upcycled Material

Increasingly, our daily actions significantly influence our planet, necessitating collective efforts to reduce this…

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5 Reasons To Choose Real Automotive Leather For Your Car

Purchasing a new car is an involved, emotive experience for most of us, and there are many choices we must make along…

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Vegan Interiors Are Not Necessarily More Sustainable Than Leather

According to Erin Baker, UK automotive journalist "vegan interiors are not necessarily more sustainable than…

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Responsible Water Management Drives Automotive Tanneries

Did you know that the leather on your car seat is not only supremely comfortable but supremely hard-wearing too? From…

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Nothing Beats Genuine Leather: Just Ask A Trimmer

While there’s a wide choice of interior finish options for vehicle owners these days, genuine leather still remains the…

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For Leather, Traceability And Sustainability Go Hand In Hand

Our friends at Leather Naturally told us about an interesting video, part of a series called ‘Sustainable Talks with…

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How Changing Cattle Feed Cuts Leather’s Carbon Footprint

Although leather is simply a by-product of the meat industry, its critics often draw a direct connection between its…

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