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Why Natural Leather is the Ultimate Choice for Your Car’s Interior

When choosing your car's interior, natural leather is the best choice. Genuine leather’s durability is unmatched,…

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A Masterclass in Leather Craftsmanship

The Bentley Continental GTC Speed is not just a high-performance vehicle; it is a testament to luxury and meticulous…

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The Benefits Of Leather In Cars

Leather has long been a symbol of luxury and quality in automotive interiors, offering many benefits beyond mere…

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Leather: The Sustainable Choice for Automotive Interiors

A recent study by MDPI underscores the environmental benefits of using leather in automotive interiors over synthetic…

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Promoting Transparency in Automotive Interiors

A bill is currently passing through the New York State legislature that, if passed, will require automotive OEMs to…

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The Enduring Allure of Leather

For many, the smell of genuine leather is linked with unforgettable memories: those childhood trips in Grandad's car,…

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Time To Recognise The Benefits Of Upcycled Natural Materials Like Leather

Reading about inconsistencies or inaccuracies in how materials are measured and reported and how these affect their…

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Incredible New Material Discovered

Imagine if we only discovered leather today for the first time. How do you think the story would read, maybe something…

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The Plastic Elephant In The Room

Fashion trends and automotive interior design have been inextricably linked for decades, and the colours, materials and…

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