For many, the smell of genuine leather is linked with unforgettable memories: those childhood trips in Grandad's car, visiting the furniture store, or your first leather jacket.

The smell of leather can evoke powerful emotions and nostalgia. The aroma of leather is often associated with luxury and quality. Its scent signifies craftsmanship, durability, and attention to detail. This association with premium products enhances the overall appeal of the aroma. When you encounter the scent of leather, you often link it to well-made, long-lasting, and desirable items.

Leather’s smell comes from the process of turning the rawhide into leather. This tanning process involves treating the raw animal skin with various substances, such as tannins, to prevent decomposition and enhance its strength and durability. Various fat liquors, oils, dyes, waxes and other treatments are added during retanning and finishing to improve softness and desired characteristics, all of which contribute to the distinct aroma of real leather.

With the advent of fake or vegan leather, what will this generation’s memories be; plastic and chemicals?

The aroma of leather is often associated with luxury and quality

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