Electric driving has inevitably been changing the way cars drive and the way car interiors look. Although this is part of the process, it creates a big hump for automotive gearheads who look for that luxurious car experience but are willing to pay for modern, environmentally friendly systems. An unlikely solution is the rise of Restomods.

Restomods are old sportscars, renovated to look fresh and new again. However, some companies go beyond the interior and paintwork by replacing old engines with modern electric driving systems. These companies allow Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to catch up with electric vehicles (EVs), and EV producers to look back on the traditional past. Restomods give you a classic vehicle, complete with all the aesthetic elements you crave, but with the luxuries of today embedded.

Restomods have classic leather car seats because that is the quintessential experience of a classic sports car. However, modern leather seats have additional benefits: they are durable, comfortable, lightweight (which contributes to power saving) and friction does not cause a sound. Leather is the perfect retro material for the future.

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