Tanneries have always been a little mysterious. A random search on the Internet doesn’t help you either, as the images of people in colorful pits or harmful circumstances are far from the truth.

Did you know that automotive leather tanneries adhere to the most stringent requirements in the industry? This is to make sure that the leather we produce and our production methods meet the highest standards. We are continuously audited by our customers and by 3rd party auditing companies such as the TÜV, LWG and ECO2L against out standards, because we believe that the leather-making process can exist while maintaining a healthy workspace and reducing our impact on the environment.

Automotive leather tanneries adhere to the most stringent requirements in the industry

In short, this means that automotive tanneries adhere to high standards and therefore:

  • respect human and labor rights and commit to fair and safe working conditions.
  • constantly look for new ways to utilize the skin and hide components as optimally as possible.
  • replace potentially harmful substances mostly earlier than legally required.
    Read more about eco-friendly chemistry.
  • operate with optimal water use and wastewater treatment and ensure clean air.
  • Allow no child labor to take place in the automotive leather industry.

These are only a few examples of guidelines we comply to, but it gives you an insight on how automotive tanneries work to create a better industry and long-lasting material as a result of that. Read more about what makes automotive leather unique.

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