Leather has been a part of our modes of travel for ages, from sedan chairs and carriages to our modern day yachts, public transport, airplanes and cars. But why is that?

It has always been a preferred material for a number of reasons. One of them is its long life and endurance. Other materials such as plastic and fabrics have proven to be less durable over years of use and are hard to recycle or reuse. You can see it for yourself in old cars: there might be some rust here and there, but the leather, if treated well, remains in pristine condition. But those are big words, we know. So let us explain what properties leather has that gives it such extended lifetime:

  • Leather is extremely strong and resilient. 
    Leather can take a remarkable amount of tension and recover, without tearing, and its adaptability prevents cracking and makes it rubfast.
  • We can apply enhancing finishes to the leather to repel liquids, dirt and bacteria. 
    Leather by itself is well conditioned to repel liquids and dirt, but thanks to high-end finishes it becomes even more resistant to soiling, staining, scuffing and scratching.
  • Leather moves with the conditions its in. 
    Leather has this ability in its very nature as it expands and shrinks with heat to preserve its integrity.
  • Naturally flame retardant.
    Leather is a natural product and when it is exposed to intense heat, it will first harden and shrink before actually catching fire.

As a material choice, you see that leather pays back for itself: ready to serve for a lifetime!

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