Alternative fuels are considered by many to be one of the most important developments taking place towards a more sustainable future. Electric driving is, therefore, on the rise and more and more e-vehicles (EVs) are on our roads. Ten years ago, EVs were a rarity, but they are now rapidly becoming the norm. However, there is one challenge that is arising in the market: where are the affordable electric cars? Forbes writes there's no sign of them yet.

The quest for alternative fuel cars has been going on for a long time, and sustainability is one of its main drivers. Sustainability extends beyond the vehicle itself: the materials used in car interiors and the coatings, chemicals and treatment production involved are all subjected to the same scrutiny. Yet, consumers are also cost-aware and look at what benefits them in the long run. Although electric driving is attractive, the high price threshold is holding back full market penetration of EVs.

EVs were a rarity, but they are now rapidly becoming the norm

When it comes to interiors, disruptor brands like Tesla and Polestar have expressed a desire to implement vegan alternatives as seat and trim materials. From a sustainability standpoint, vegan materials may not be the best option. Most vegan alternatives are technically non-degradable plastic materials that will sit in landfills and water bodies for hundreds of years after their lifetime of use. In the end leather seats last longer, because of leather’s excellent tensile strength and tear resistance. Leather is one of the few materials that can be repaired and restored, while other materials end up in landfills and have to be replaced.

Leather offers a sustainable material by converting food industry waste to upholstery. However, it is also a natural material and, has proven durability that makes it the best choice for car interiors that are made to last regardless what type of car you choose to buy.

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